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Homoeopathic Contents in PDF Files

Posted by Dr.Mukhtar Ahmad on July 20, 2008

Note:These contents are collected from net directly & in no way I am responsible for its distribution or authenticity.


Very useful for Homoeopathic Practitioners & students.


Felter’s Materia Medica Click Here to Download

Chronic Diseases,their Peculiar Nature & their Homoeopathic Cure By Dr. S. Hahnemann Click here to Download

Miasms By Dr. Sankaran Click Here to Download

Predictive Homoeopathy Click Here to Download

2 Responses to “Homoeopathic Contents in PDF Files”

  1. pravin said

    Dear Dr. Mukhtar Bhai.. aapka ye blog.. homoeopathic doctors ke liye kafi useful hai, kafi energy aapne lagai hai ise banane me… is golden collection ke liye hamati badhai swikar karen…

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