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Homoeopathy…effective in killing HIV

Posted by Dr.Mukhtar Ahmad on May 28, 2008

Homeopathy medicine found effective in killing HIV: ICMR DG
New Delhi | Wednesday, Nov 7 2007 IST

A homeopathic medicine has been found to be very effective against HIV/AIDS during screening at National AIDS Research Insititute, according to Dr N K Ganguly, Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research. ”The homeopathy compound screened in vitro at NARI against HIV has been found to have a lot of potential in effectively killing the virus,” Dr Ganguly told UNI.

However, he refused to name the compound as there were Intellectual Property Rights issues involved. Moreover, there was an MoU with the company which had given the compound, which is already being used in treatment of some other disease, for testing against HIV so the details could notbe divulged, he said.

He said that now the compound would be tested on human being only then it could be released for commercial exploitation. However, since there was not much toxicology involved in the homeopathy medicine, given by the Indian company for testing, it would not take much time.

Dr Ganguly asserted that it was a very significant development considering the fact that thousands of compounds are tested in NARI and sometimes none of them were found to be effective.

”We are adopting a lengthy process so that only an effective drug is launched,” he said and added that the time taken in the entire process may be four to five years.


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