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Posted by Dr.Mukhtar Ahmad on March 28, 2008


# Health and homoeopathy

  • By E. Kramer

Your health is the only thing that is really yours. Money cannot buy health once it is lost, and so your health is worth the best investment that you can make. If you invest in your health by being aware of the food you eat, the exercise that you take, your state of mind, and the stress you are under, then you will feel a greater sense of inner peace, of control, a sense of well being and of your ‘vital energy’. Long term health very much depends on taking action to change habits that predispose us to disease.

Homeopathy is an excellent system of medicine, which can support you to make the inner changes necessary to achieve and maintain your health, not only on a physical level but on an emotional level as well. Homeopathic treatment comes from an understanding that we are more then just our outer physical body, that we are an integrated energetic whole in which emotions and thoughts impact on the physical body by effecting the nervous system and the endocrine system. (Next time you feel really angry observe the effect it has on your body – tenseness, headache, tight chest?).

Once we grasp that health depends on an energy level that we cannot ‘see’ but that we can ‘feel’, we can begin to perceive health from a different perspective and take action to maintaining a healthy life style. From an energetic perspective, ill health and disease can be seen as coming from emotional disturbances such as deep sorrow, shocks & traumas, as well as from environmental factors. From this perspective it is not so much the force of the ‘shock’ that is important, but the strength of the individuals vital energy to overcome it. Homeopathic treatment is designed to support the vital energy in its efforts to keep the individual healthy.

Our ‘practical’ homeopaths use a timeline as a tool when taking the client’s case . (A timeline is a history of the client’s life in sequential order of age, paying particular attention to mental/emotional traumas, physical, traumas and poisonings). Life has always been full of risks, accidents and emotional traumas like fear, anger, humiliation, loss, or rejection. Everyone has an individual response to these trials of life, and consequently will present different symptoms of stress at different levels of severity.

Homeopathy is a safe and gentile system of medicine which empowers the client’s vital energy to begin healing their physical body. Practical homeopaths look at simple ways to support clients to make the necessary changes towards health.

# Nutrition and Homeopathy

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of health. (We are what we eat!). Many studies have been done on the link between poor nutrition and disease, (especially on the long term effects of a refined carbohydrate diet). In the West, diets are not particularly healthy due to a high intake of refined carbohydrates, irregular eating habits and the use of stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and recreational drugs, leading to deficiency in nutrition.

The long-term intake of refined carbohydrates, together with the use of stimulants, causes large swings in blood sugar. The blood sugar rises quickly because a diet rich in refined carbohydrate leads to rapid absorption of sugars. Large amounts of insulin are produced in response.

A rapid fall in blood sugar soon follows as there are no complex carbohydrates to be broken down more slowly and to allow gradual absorption of sugar. (The low points of blood sugar are known as hypoglycaemic episodes). These are associated with feelings of hunger, sweating, anxiety, irritability and agitation as stress hormones such as adrenaline and corticosteroids are released in an attempt to normalize blood sugar levels.

Then a mid-meal snack or sugar food will be taken to relieve the symptoms. This causes another peak in blood sugar level with the consequent release of insulin. This leads to constant fluctuations in blood sugar levels, eventually leading to the exhaustion of the pancreas and adrenal glands. The production of insulin declines, leading to permanently raised blood sugar levels, i.e. diabetes mellitus.

The wrong kind of food such as a refined carbohydrate diet, tea, coffee, or other stimulant (smoking) also causes the body to produce the adrenal hormone Cortisol. This competes for the same cell receptor sites as progesterone. It also requires the body to use vital nutrients in order to break down and eliminate the toxic residue.

This pattern of hypoglycaemia with raised insulin and Cortisol levels increases the risk of other inflammatory diseases such as asthma, arthritis, eczema, atherosclerosis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. (This may also explain why post-menopausal women have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease than pre-menopausal women).

A refined carbohydrate diet is particularly devoid of essential B vitamins and Zinc which support the liver, small intestine, and brain to produce many essential enzymes for the normal functioning of the body. Deficiencies in these essential enzymes result in metabolic imbalances and immune imbalance.

Our practically trained Homeopaths will take into consideration your nutritional states, and support you in developing a healthier approach to your nutritional needs and in taking action to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


# Can homeopathy help with Depression?

Depression is a feeling of intense sadness that persists beyond a reasonable period of time, and is limiting the person’s ability to function normally on a daily basis. It can be characterized by a ‘sense of hopelessness’. (Louise Hay sees depression as ‘Anger you feel you do not have a right to have’). Depression may be triggered as a reaction to psychological or physical abuse.

We should be clear that sadness and joy are part of every day life, (and are different from severe depression and mania). Sadness is a natural response to loss, defeat, disappointment, trauma, and catastrophes. Sadness has many psychological benefits because it allows a person to withdraw from stressful upsetting situations to begin healing and recovery. Grief or bereavement are the most common and normal reactions to the loss of a loved one from death, divorce, rejection, abandonment, betrayal.

If this process is assumed to be wrong and therefore needs to be suppressed by drugs (often the busy GP’s answer) it can lead to depression being driven deeper into a chronic state. The process of healing becomes stuck, with all the added problems of drug side effects.

Homeopathy has many remedies that not only allows clients to process the trauma, but at the same time heal, feel and move through the process of depression.

It is important to consult your practical homeopath who will take your case history using a ‘time line’ to understand the context for your depression (they may have to start a weaning program if you have been a long term user of anti- depressants) whilst they use indicated remedies to support you to heal emotionally.

If you have not been on anti-depressants then dealing with depression homeopathically produces excellent results. Homeopathy provides a safe gentle, non addictive alternative to anti-depression drug therapy.


# Arthritis and Homeopathy

Approximately 10% of the population have problems related to arthritis. It is more common in women, with the average age of onset being 50 years. Arthritis is related to advancing years, obesity, previous joint injury and joint deformity.

Arthritis is a chronic degenerative disorder of the joints, (characterized by loss of articular hyaline cartilage with sclerosis of underlying bone). The underlying bone is generally thickened but some areas become porous with the formation of bone “cysts”.

The key symptoms of arthritis are pain related to joint use, associated with immobility and deformity. There can be morning stiffness which tends to wear off after 15 minutes of exercise. The symptoms of arthritis are often sensitive to changes in the weather as they appear to be affected by barometric changes.

There is considerable evidence that emotional states have a major impact on our susceptibility to certain diseases. Homeopaths have observed that the underlying emotional states linked to the development of arthritic conditions appear to be resentment, feeling victimized, bitterness and lacking in love.

How does arthritis develop in the joints?

A healthy joint consists of strong bones, which move against each other. Cartilage on the edge of bones is protected from the opposing bone and cartilage by a sac containing synovial fluid which effectively lubricates the joint. Poor nutrition, allergies, infections and food sensitivities can lead to problems

Overuse and dietary imbalance can lead to a breakdown of cartilage. The synovial fluid becomes less lubricating. Loss of cartilage also leads to breakdown of collagen components in both cartilage and bone. The bone ends become uneven and large bone spurs can form leading to restricted movement and stiffness.

Calcium imbalance can lead to calcium being dumped in the soft tissues causing muscle pain. In rheumatoid arthritis the bone ends can become fused together immobilising joints permanently.

Our practically trained Homeopaths will establish the causes of your symptoms. If they can see clear causes (physical traumas or emotional shock etc), in your time line, they may treat these first before going on to a detox program. Often it is important to address traumas as they have a major impact on the body and may act as a block to your indicated remedy. They will take into consideration your nutritional states, and support you in developing a healthier approach to your nutritional needs and in taking action to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


# Allergies and Homeopathy

Allergies are becoming more common. They are autoimmune diseases – a term which is applied to a whole range of diseases where the immune system breaks down and anti-bodies begin to attack the body’s own tissues. (The proper functioning of the immune system is seen as being dependent on ahealthy spleen and damage to this are can create long term problems).

  • There are many types of autoimmune diseases including:

• diabetes mellitus, Addison’s disease and thyroid disease
• pernicious anaemia (which is caused by an immune attack on the stomach and Cardiovascular System).
• allergies such as asthma, hay fever, food allergies etc..

These disorders clearly indicate a deep imbalance in the body. The blood is disturbed as revealed by the presence of antibodies, the body is attacking itself, (which could be termed “suicide by immune reaction”) and the diseases can affect deep internal organs as well as the surface of the body.

  • With allergies homeopaths tend to place the emphasis on:

• physical trauma (such as car accidents)
• emotional factors (grief, divorce, redundancy etc).
• environmental factors (poor housing, air pollution etc)
• inherited factors (genetic and social)
• toxicity (through drugs, diet etc)
• on going stress
• diet (obesity, malnourishment)

Because we are unique individuals, allergies manifest differently in different people depending on their pre-disposition and general inherited weaknesses (which homeopaths call miasms). Homeopathy seeks to look for the root cause/s taking into consideration both internal and external factors. It then seeks to restore this balance by gently stimulating the body to naturally complete its healing process with the indicated remedy/remedies, without any of the side-effects associated with drug therapy. Homeopaths have developed many remedies that can treat allergies and it is also worth find out about other products like allergy relief air purifiers to suit your needs. View our resource page for information and resources on remedies and recommended allergy relief air purifiers.

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