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Absolutely breathtaking…masterpiece dua.

Posted by Dr.Mukhtar Ahmad on March 28, 2008

Lab pe aati hai dua…

Waw….what a fantastic mind relaxing dua….i love this alot & hear much often.

3 Responses to “Absolutely breathtaking…masterpiece dua.”

  1. Dear Brother Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad – AOA

    What a wonderful dua I have listen and credit and blessings of Allah goes to you for your excellent mind and heart. Allah bless you. Please visit my website and read my Biography given in

    With best regards =Dr. Sayeed Ahmad=

  2. दिल को छूने वाली एक भावात्मक प्रार्थना !

  3. @ Dr. Sayeed Ahmad
    WKAS…..Tonnes of thanx Sir for your encouragement..

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